Could you be losing potential customers?

Could you be losing potential customers?

With the growth of more people shopping online using their tablets and mobile smart phones, it is time to analyze the efficiency of the checkout process on your website.  What may have worked when you first built your website could be the very reason why you’re losing potential customers.

People are on the go VIRTUALLY these days.  They don’t have to sit down in front of their desktop computer to surf the internet – they can do it at the mall, on the train, and even on a plane.  This makes it convenient to shop around and find the best deal on the internet.  Competition is high if you’re not selling the best product at the best price, and with the BEST customer service.

Google Analytics posted this video about a customer who gets frustrated with a checkout process that is far from user-friendly.  The experience is portrayed as if this were to happen in a grocery store.  Watch the video below and comment if this has ever happened to you.


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