Digital Design Solutions has successfully developed and launched hundreds of internet companies and E-Commerce websites since 1996. With years of experience in the industry, we’ve created a methodology that applies to all projects and is uniquely tailored to meet each client’s objectives and goals. We apply a combination of deep fundamentals with a strong eye for design to deliver an effective and compelling website. Anybody can build a website, but it takes a specialized team of web developers, designers, and internet marketers to make it successful.

Below is our methodology for creating an effective website.



Discover. Investigate. Explore.

Each client is unique, so we begin our process by discovering and researching all the basics and specifics of their business. This is completed through a short series of meetings in which we ask what the primary purpose of your site is, what sets you apart from competitors, and what specific features you would like to include on the site. Understanding and implementing your business goals is integral to our process.






Creation of the Design

After we have learned all about your business and company goals, we create 3 different designs, all with different looks and feels. You get to choose what features you like from each design and we will blend your must haves all into one. Once you Love it, we move forward with the development and production.

Content Development

A great site must have valuable content. You want visitors to find exactly what they are looking for and writing effective content is how you can grab their attention. We have professional copywriters on staff to help you decide what tone, keywords, and style to use when writing content. Strategic content development will help you sell your products or services and shift customer perceptions.



This part of the process is for building out the design in HTML. This includes the navigation, pages & products, linking, customization and functionality. Our team of internet marketers will optimize and test site functionality to make sure your target audience finds you and your site ranks high in the search engine results. We keep great attention to detail and utilize standard conventions for good programming style.


Once it is verified that the website functions properly and all is agreed upon, we will live with you new site. All launches are pre-planned to ensure minimal disruption. We will have all hands on deck to test every aspect of the site from placing orders to general linking of pages and images. Our SEO team will submit your site to all appropriate search engines, as well as set-up analytics and webmaster tools so you can see how your site is performing.





We don’t end our services once your site is live. Your success is important to us! Ongoing marketing and maintenance plays an important role in staying up to date with constantly changing technology. “Build it and they will come” used to ring true for web developers. However, in today’s technology driven world it is a thing of the past and in order to succeed you have to build a targeted and strategic marketing plan. We help cultivate and grow your business by offering digital marketing services including social media management, email marketing, SEO, blogging, and mobile app development. We don’t stop at building you a beautiful new website – we get your brand and message out there!

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