Web Development & Custom Programming

Have you searched through all of the off-the-shelf applications and cannot find a product that truly fits your needs? More and more, the development of custom applications is becoming the standard for businesses that want to operate more efficiently and effectively. Let our team of skilled business analysts and developers work with you to develop the exact solution for your business.

Digital Design Solutions’s strengths in fundamental computer science drive our ability to create high-end website development. We are dedicated to developing powerful, effective, and engaging websites. No matter what custom development or web application you need to make your website perform they way you want, our team of developers can make it happen. We meet with you to determine your needs and create a custom program that is secure, stable, and scalable with the results you are looking for.

Custom programming may not be sexy, but it will make your web site sexy to those who use it!

The following are some web and internet technologies we have worked on:
  • Java Development
  • Python Development
  • PHP Development
  • PERL Development
  • Ruby on Rails (ROR) Development
  • Google API Development
  • PERL
  • MySQL
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript

We also sell an impressive database for non-programmers named Webdata Pro. The program allows the designer or the client to manage their own database via a web interface. It has been out for 10 years and the client list of thousands includes Fortune 500 companies (ATT, IBM, Lucent Technologies, GM, The Gap) and Government (NASA, State of GA, VA, CIA) and Education (Harvard, Yale, MIT) sites.

Our custom technology solutions are available across several platforms including mobile and desktop applications. With our solid web experience, technical expertise, and profound understanding, we deliver result oriented and cost-competitive web development solutions.
Contact us today 415-225-4722 to learn more about our high performing sites and how we can help you.