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Do you have any amazing idea for a service or product but need help when it comes to designing your e-commerce store? Do you already have an e-commerce store but find it is not converting as it should be?

Founded in 1996, Digital Design Solutions offers state-of-the-art web solutions that will help any business convert. By utilizing Shopify, we design eye-catching websites that profit from conversion after conversion.

Why Shopify?
Shopify is an e-commerce company that offers built-in software for creating your own store. There are a variety of templates to choose from and we work with you to choose the best template for your store. Shopify makes building an e-commerce store simple and straightforward and that’s why we like it. Once we design your one-of-a-kind e-commerce store, you will be able to add products and make changes with ease.

Our Services

We provide a variety of responsive web designs and digital marketing services, including:

Innovative E-Commerce Solutions
Our e-commerce website designs make it easy to sell your services or products online. Easy to navigate, our site designs will get you a wider audience and boost sales.

Responsive Web Design
Your website is often the first exposure your customers will have to your business. It is essential that your website makes an impression no matter where it is viewed. More people shop using their mobile devices than ever before, which is why it is important to ensure your website is responsive. At Digital Design Studios, we design every site to be mobile responsive.

Expert E-Commerce Web Design
With over forty years of experience, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our designers will help you develop a website that shows off the best assets of your business to make a long-lasting first impression on customers.

No matter what stage you are in with your e-commerce store, we can make it better. Our friendly team of professionals will work closely with you to determine who your audience is, what they want, and what makes your product of service so unique. From there, we will design an e-commerce website that will get you the results you want.

With Digital Design Solutions, you can relax knowing we will help you every step of the way.

To find out more, call us at 415-225-4722.

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Experience Counts!

At Digital Design Solutions, we have been working on E-Commerce applications for the past 25 years and have built systems which are secure, dependable and easy to use!

Page Examples

Here are a few examples of different types of page styles available on E-Commerce Sites

Customizable Features

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Review Modules
  • Wishlists
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Customer Registration
  • Cross Sell
  • Flexible Tax Options
  • Custom Shipping API.


We offer full website design packages with custom features and options build specifically with your business in mind

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Make sure your customers can see your site clearly while on the go.


Powerful Content Marketing AND Keywords make your website stand out from the rest!

Taylored Designs with you in mind

We work with you to develop a beautiful site you can be proud to show off.

Get Social

Get folks talking about your business and why they LOVE it!

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